Painter, illustrator, digital artist Zoya Koinash creates especial aesthetics of surrealistic world with cute and a bit creepy creatures filled with reflection.

The study of quantum physics and microbiology has influenced its perception of space, form and way of thinking, and the artist is not limited to classical perception of forms and techniques.

During her early years, she studied insect biology and microbiology, all materials available in the provincial library of the village in which she grew up. Therefore, the organic forms are one of the main elements of the artist’s work. She attended the School of Art in Ross Township in 1996-2000 and participated in local exhibitions of artists.

2000-2006 she studied at the Minsk State Medical University, where she continued studying biology, microbiology and other disciplines.

For a long time the artist studied and was impressed by the works of the Impressionists, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir. After living in Buenos Aires she was extremely impressed with Antonio Berni. And started studies contmeporary art.

Zoya has worked as an illustrator and digital artist since 2004, for companies making games.

In 2017, she began painting with oil. The oil painting became immediately close to the artist, and in it she finds many similarities with the digital environment native to her. Also she uses watercolors, acrylic, ink, markers, brushpens and liners.

At the moment, the artist lives with her family in the suburbs of Valencia and works in the studio on a new series of arts.